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The story of Cyclic Death

The story of Cyclic Death

The controversy over death has passed through multiple stages throughout history. Religions presented their own perceptions, while science was unable to find a material and convincing explanation of the issue. All ideas to be mentioned are merely philosophical suggestions, some of which have some evidence.

Why we die?

First, we must agree on a specific definition of death as the cessation of the biological processes and functions that sustain a living organism. This cessation is the result of multiple factors such as diseases, direct accidents or natural death, which is an inevitable event because cells get to a stage where they can not be regenerated and divided. When cells begin to die without regeneration, biological processes such as breathing become difficult until they reach the stop point. The brain is the most important controller. It organizes a vast array of vital processes that occur within the human body. Which explains why we have given it great importance in our discussion about death.

Your idiot brain!

In most of my previous articles, I talked about how survival instinct controls our behaviors, the way we think and we act. But many things seem to contradict this proposition. If our major purpose in life is to stay alive, then why Anorexia exists? the brain is capable of deciding that looking thin is more important than eating. This is a disease of course, but at least this case shows us that our brain can take decisions which are inconsistent with our survival instinct. so even at the most basic level we care about others and the society we belong. If you want to take it to extremes, because we instinctively want to belong to and please the group we identify with, sacrificing just to be part of the group. All what has been mentioned above confirms that we form an emotional brain long before we form a rational one. Your brain wants to keep you safe from all possible forms of pain (for example, the irony you are exposed to if you are fat) and it won’t need your confirmation to do such work. It is somehow stupid to do that, but useful. When they told you follow your heart, your brain is stupid. They did not mean by heart the organ responsible of bumping blood triggered by brain. On the contrary, they asked you to follow your intuition, because your brain acts on its own to protect itself without caring about other organs. And again, this is what would make it sometimes stupid. The brain is an incredible organ that is so vital to having a human experience in a body. Freud thought that death is rooted in a human desire to return to the organic form from which we all emerged, this is despite the fact that individuals feel that they are eternal and that Freud thought that it was impossible for people to imagine their death.

Cyclic death

Buddha believed that the soul moves from the human body to another body after its death; Buddhists consider life to be a punishment, and the human spirit, if not good, will return to earth in another body until it becomes pure and goes to Nirvana.

Although it’s only a spiritual view said by a spiritual person, but science had took this philosophical perception to another level. We have suffered a lot trying to explain what happened before the singularity of the Big Bang theory. Some scientists have suggested a model to escape from explaining what happened before the singularity and to avoid the absolute beginning of the universe, this model is called the oscillating universe. The idea stipulates that the universe expands to its greatest amplitude, then shrinks to the great attenuation, and then go back to the explosion, producing a new universe of new natural laws. This issue leads us to seriously consider the idea of death death. The life we’re living now may be just one of the many lives we have lived before. But erasing our memory every time, made us believe that we live for the first and the only time. Each time, losing your memory may change your view of life completely which means you may have died many times without realizing that now. What is interesting to ask is, where our brain is heading in the path of this evolution? Well, until now, no one has a clear answer.


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