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What my mother didn't tell me about life

What my mother didn't tell me about life
Picture by Shayla Fish for Quanta Magazine

I have always dreamed of that wisdom, between my mother’s arms, while I’m wrapped in her hands with warm touches on my little shoulder. Sometimes we laugh, and sometimes she tells me her stories, and sometimes she wipes her two precious hands on my head. I wish my mother reproved me for the blind trust that I have given to those who do not deserve, and hope she told me more about life.

My mother forget to tell me that life is just a puzzle. We met over the years trying to solve it. Each one in a certain way. There are those who believe that the solution exists in the interpretation of religions. There are those who think it is more complex than it may seem, and the journey is still too long to discover the ultimate purpose of this life. There are those who believe that all the interpretations offered by religions are just a failed attempt to make human life organized, while the origin of life is chaos.

The universe descends into chaos. For some people, this sentence may seem very hard to accept, but science does only believe in evidence. Thermodynamics stipulates that the entropy (mesure of disorder) of our universe only increases. This is a fundamental law, like the law of gravity. You are here just because your existance favors the increase of the entropy. Maybe if somehow, your existence was against the increase of the entropy, you won’t be part of this cosmos.

I only wish that my mother informed me that nihilism was born in the birth of the universe, forcing the universe on an inevitable end in the form of dispersion and disintegration. There was no hope at all, hope did not exist. The universe might have tried to get out of this impasse. There is, on a small dot we call the planet Earth today, born and grew up and raised green cover. That cover was a very interesting act, transforming chaos into a system, in which the chaos is always increasing. Thus, the energy of the chaotic sun turned into orderly structures, sun rays.

My mother did not tell me that life is absurd. We are only the product of matter and time. We are special than other creature only because our incestors have managed to develop cognition and awareness. Until now, this is the only thing that we -homo sapiens- are good at. We are open systems on our surroundings and can grow through the food we eat in order to help the universe gets more and more chaotic.

There is no justification for your existence. Your destiny is the inevitable death as anything in this universe. The answers you recieve as a human will just increase your puzzlement over his perplexity, and instead of illuminating your mind, you grew dark and terrified about the truth.

Noble Lie

When Socrates designs his idea of Republic in the third book of Plato’s Republic, he suggested the use of something called the Noble Lie. He believed that it would be difficult to keep the citizens of his republic from being dissatisfied if they were in a low class or level, so he devised a myth in which all people were born from the earth and infused with a metal which was part of who they are. Rulers were gold, Warriors silver, artisans were bronze and iron. Because of the innitae composition of each person, people would be more likely to do their job happily and not aspire to others in life.

Plato calls this a Noble Lie because he believes it’s for the best interest of the Republic as a whole or at least for its rulers.

Q: Why can’t I pillage that village? A: Because God will totally smite you if you do! Unless God has some smiting that needs to be done

That is the terrible judgment that has been placed on us. To live, we must live in self-deception or illusion, or more clearly in a Noble Lie. For a person to live happily, he must believe in an objective sense, a value and a goal even if it is fake. It is a method used by our universe to keep you increasing its entropy until it is done, or maybe until you become useless.

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